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I'm a creative edutainer who loves elephants and the color blue. I've dabbled in many artistic fields including being on the popular Japanese Children's TV program,  "Shimajiro", as a bilingual host + singer. I have been a studio singer for Columbia Music Entertainment Japan since I was 5 years old, and have worked on numerous albums and countless singles. Some of my songs are in films. I am also a voice over artist and have lent my voice for bilingual multi-media edutainment products, video games, and animation character voices. I have lectured and taught extensively in both the US and Japan, and am a published art education specialist for young artists. My time is allocated  between my artistic and musical passions. I am also a teaching artist, senior lecturer at Otis College of Art and Design and am the online Humanities instructor for Stanford's OHS High School program. I care deeply about living creatures such as elephants, and have written/composed numerous songs and award-winning music videos for the plight of endangered species. I was trained in bilingual theater for 13 yrs and I love expressing myself.  I discovered that the best way to enjoy life is to do everything one loves doing. I hope you enjoy my site.  Click here for my extended Bio.



Music Videos

Music videos